Dan Bucsescu is a  practicing architect and educator.

He earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from The City College of New York, followed by a Master of Science in Environmental Psychology from the University of Surrey in England.

Since 1980, Dan Bucsescu has been a professor at Pratt Institute's School of Architecture, contributing his expertise to design studios and theory curses. He directed the International Summer Seminar for Architecture, taught courses on critical thinking and design, organized and participated in international conferences.

Dan Bucsescu founded his own architectural firm, Dan Bucsescu Architects, operating since 1980. He has been involved in projects, ranging from residential to urban design.

His publications foster critical thinking in architecture and design. His book "Looking Beyond the Structure: Critical Thinking for Architects and Designers", co-authored with philosopher Michael Eng, offers a unique perspective on the interplay between the built environment and culture.

Through his teaching, research, and architectural projects, Dan inspired generations of architects and designers to approach their craft with intellect and innovation.

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