Design Studio

Teaching, in addition to practicing architecture, offered the design studio as a laboratory of pedagogical and conceptual experiments through which students and teachers learn together.


Extremely nice man and a great professor. Taking Dan's studio has easily been one of the most enjoyable studios in my time at Pratt. He is so enthusiastic about your project without being overbearing. He understands that we have our own ideas and method of working so he doesn't force you to do something you don't need to. Will get a good grade.

- ARCH004,

A unique thesis professor. He has deep passion for his subject, and will engage with you to whatever depth you take your work. A rich and fulfilling experience.

...Dan Bucsescu is a true genius of a professor. I am not sure what many students expect when they attend an institution of higher learning but if I had the choice to do it all over again, Dan would surely be my selection for as many times as he was my mentor in school. His attitude to teaching.

Integrative Design Studio

Students are challenged to demonstrate the ability to produce and architectural project.